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Электролюминесцентный индикатор С63.396.228-100
S63.396.228-100 Electroluminescent Display
Indicateur électroluminescent

Made only for military use in 80's Soviet era.
High brightness and durability.

This display is fundamentally different from VFDs in that it is not a vacuum tube, and does not have a hot cathode filament. Instead, an organic resin with a crystalline phosphor suspension is sandwiched between a conductive bottom layer and a tin oxide glass window to form a capacitor. When rapidly charged and discharged by a high voltage source (220 V AC 400-1000 Hz), the phosphor emits light. The indicator works also with 50 Hz, but not in full bright mode.

Video Video on YouTube: KainkaLabs - Vintage Display Technology : EL Displays


S63.396.228-100 Electroluminescent Display

59 x 42 mm • 2"3/8 x 1"5/8

S63.396.228-100 Electroluminescent Display

S63.396.228-100 Electroluminescent Display


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