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RCA 4804/H/P2 SIT 1" Camera Tube for Surveillance
Tube de prise de vue pour caméra de surveillance
Bildaufnahmeröhre für Überwachungskameras

The RCA 4804/H Series types are sturdy, compact, 16-millimeter Silicon-lntensifier Target (SIT) camera tubes designed for use in very-low light level TV systems.

All tubes in the 4804/H Series employ the silicon diode array target known for its low lag and its ability to exhibit low blooming when exposed to bright tight sources and intense specular reflections within a scene.

16-millimeter fiber-optic faceplate.
Multialkali (Na-K-Cs-Sb) photocathode.
Electrostatic- Focus, Image Section, Magnetic Deflection and Focus Gun Selection.
P2 = Built-in shield protects targets.

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Fiche technique • Data sheet • Datenblatt: 4804H.pdf & 4804.pdf


RCA 4804/H/P2 SIT Camera Tube

Longueur • Length • Länge : 19,3 cm • 7" 6/10

RCA 4804/H/P2 SIT Camera Tube

Light enters the SIT tube through a fiber-optic faceplate, which transfers the flat-scene image onto the curved photocathode. The light then travels through the focusing grids and strikes the target, which is a matrix of over 1800 silicon diodes per inch. The image is typically stored there and read out by the scanning beam every 1/30 second.

RCA 4804/H/P2 SIT Camera Tube

RCA 4804/H/P2 SIT Camera Tube


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