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TUNGSRAM 220-230V 60W Krypton Superbalux Lamp
Ampoule Krypton

Opalized, with satin covered cover.

Krypton gas filled light bulb. Adding krypton gas to an incandescent lamp slightly boosts energy efficiency. Burned in a vertical position, in a downward cone with an aperture of about 120°, it emits about 40% more light than normal incandescent lamps.

Light efficiency: 9-15 lm/W.

Hungarian physicist Imre Bródy (1891–1944), a member of the Tungsram Research Laboratory, devoted his scientific work to solving the issue of economically efficient lighting. He is best known as “the father of the krypton lamp”. Bródy proved that the higher weight of the single molecules of the filling gas helps to diminish the thermic diffusion, thereby diminishing the blackening of the bulb and improving the life of the tungsten filament and the lamp itself. It was not Bródy who first thought of applying krypton as a filling gas for lamps, but he was the one who persevered in developing a method to extract the rare krypton gas from the air in order to diminish the cost of the gas, and he reconstructed the lamp itself in order to improve efficiency.

Production of Krypton superbalux burners has now ceased.

Fiche technique • Data sheet • Datenblatt: TUNGSRAM_Krypton.pdf

Thanks to Péter Horváth (Fénymúzeum – Museum of Electrical Lighting and Industrial History, Hungary) who donated this lamp.


TUNGSRAM 220-230V 60W Krypton Superbalux Lamp

Hauteur • Height • Höhe : 87 mm • 3" 3/8
Diamètre • Diameter • Durchmesser : 49 mm • 1" 7/8

TUNGSRAM 220-230V 60W Krypton Superbalux Lamp

TUNGSRAM 220-230V 60W Krypton Superbalux Lamp


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