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ITT FW-114 Ultra-Fast Biplanar Phototube 300-700 nm
Photodétecteur de rayons gamma


The FW-114 is a 2.25 inch diameter high current biplanar photodiode designed by ITT for efficient optical coupling to an appropriate scintillator. This scintillator may take the form of a transparent solid or liquid accommodated within the faceplate cavity of the tube or a multicrystalline phosphor directly on the faceplate of the tube, depending on the type of radiation to be detected.

The FW-114 has found particular use for the monitoring of high intensity gamma radiation of short duration. The wide dynamic range of the FW-114 permits observation of the shape of these pulses down to very small fractional parts of the original pulse heights, as well as measurement of pulses of widely varying amplitude. Excellent saturation and linearity characteristics are assured in the FW114 by the plane, parallel (biplanar) electrode configuration.

Minimum Wavelength: 300 nm
Rise Time: 500 picoseconds
Peak Wavelength: 500 nm
Maximum Wavelength: 700 nm

Fiche technique • Data sheet • Datenblatt: FW114.pdf & FW114A.pdf & ITT Electro-Optic Devices - Data Summary

Thanks to Peer Hofstra who provided data about this tube.


ITT FW-114 Biplanar Phototube

Hauteur • Height • Höhe : 46 mm • 1" 8/10
Diamètre • Diameter • Durchmesser : 57 mm • 2" 2/10

ITT FW-114 Biplanar Phototube

ITT FW-114 Biplanar Phototube


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