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СИ-29БГ Счетчик Гейгера для регистрации бета излучения
SI-29BG β and γ Radiation Counter Tube
Compteur Geiger-Müller sensible aux rayonnements Beta et Gamma

VNIITFA Manufactured by Saransk Plant, All Russian Institute of Technical Physics and Automation (VNIITFA), Russia.

As its name implies, this tube is designed for hard beta and gamma radiation. It offers a moderate sensitivity, but taking its relatively small size into account, it makes it a convenient choice as a radiation detection element in handheld dosimeters and DIY circuits.

Operating voltage: 360 - 440 V
Initial voltage: 250 - 320 V
Recommended operating voltage: 400 V
Plateau length: 100 V
Plateau slope: 0.125 %/V
Inherent counter background: 0.5 pulse/s
Working range: 0.004 - 40 mkR/s
60Co pulse gamma sensitivity: 48 pulses/mkR
Dead time (U=400V, µsec): 95 mks
Detected gamma radiation energy: 0.054 - 1.25 MeV

Fiche technique • Data sheet • Datenblatt: SI-29BG.pdf & Russian_Detectors_and_Counters_1.pdf


SI-29BG Beta and Gamma Radiation Counter Tube

Longueur • Length • Länge : 61 mm • 2" 3/8
Diamètre • Diameter • Durchmesser : 10 mm • 3/8"

SI-29BG Beta and Gamma Radiation Counter Tube

SI-29BG Beta and Gamma Radiation Counter Tube


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