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Sylvania SS-501 Cold Cathode Gas Discharge Tube
Tube à décharge de gaz à cathode froide

NSN 5960-892-0862.
Also known as R7061.

Argon filled control tube.
Operating Anode Voltage: 1800 to 2000 V.
Anode Hold-Off Voltage: 2100 V min., 3000 V max.
Discharge Capacitance: 2 μF nominal.
Max. flash Rate: 12 pps.
The low arc impedance of the tube permits a rapid and concentrated discharge of the stored condenser energy in one high current surge. The Type SS-501 thus finds use as an electronic switch in high voltage circuits.

Originally intended for use as a flash tube in offshore marine buoys (triggered with an external loop of wire), it was also used in drivers and pulse generators for magnetostriction oscillators in underwater sound equipment (sonars). Such equipment was used during WWII aboard merchant marine ships to detect U-boats (German submarines).

The SS-501 was manufactured in several different variants. See also Sylvania SS-501 and Sylvania SS-501.

The Sylvania R4410 was electrically the same tube, but the SS-501 was “formed into a U-shape for space savings in compact equipment”.

Fiche technique • Data sheet • Datenblatt: SS501_R4410.pdf & SS-501.pdf


Sylvania SS-501 Cold Cathode Gas Discharge Tube

62 x 150 mm • 2" 10/2 x 5" 7/8
Diamètre • Diameter • Durchmesser : 16 & 28 mm • 5/8" & 1" 1/8

Sylvania SS-501 Cold Cathode Gas Discharge Tube

Sylvania SS-501 Cold Cathode Gas Discharge Tube


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