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Princeton Electronic LITHOCON Silicon Storage Tube 1M-5000-HS
Tube à mémoire

When Dr. Steven R. Hofstein left RCA in 1968, he founded Princeton Electronics Products, Inc., and invented the Lithocon silicon storage tube, which quickly found many uses.

Article published in Town Topics (Princeton's weekly community newspaper) dated 6 January 1972:


An electronic storage tube which has been used to inspect packages that may contain bombs, as well as to record pictures being returned from Mars by Mariner 9, was granted a patent last week in Washington. In use for the past two years, it was invented by Steven R. Hofstein, president of Princeton Electronic Products, to which the patent has been assigned. The Lithocon tube, according to Dr. Hofstein, is the first storage tube to record on silicon dioxide. Seven inches long and an inch in diameter, the tube will capture a television picture in less than a 30th of. a second and retain it for months.

Silicon storage tubes have been used recently by a number of the nation's largest manufacturing companies, including RCA, Sylvania and Westinghouse. RCA uses the tubes in its new Video Voice for international communications, which transmits the picture of the caller during a telephone conversation. The tube also plays the key role in a machine which examines sealed, sterile bottles of injectable drug solutions for contamination by foreign particules. Hospitals have used the tube for brief X-ray and sonar exposures. Dr. Hofstein worked at the RCA Laboratories here until three years ago. when he left to organize Princeton Electronic Products. He lives at 21 Adams Drive.

Article published in The New York Times dated 1 January 1972: Electronic Tube Stores Images

Canadian patents:
Electronic Storage Tube
Electronic Storage Tube Target Structure and Method of Operation
Display System Utilizing Multifunction Storage Tube


LITHOCON Silicon Storage Tube 1M-5000-HS

Longueur • Length • Länge : 22,7 cm • 8" 9/10
Diamètre • Diameter • Durchmesser : 2,6 cm • 1"

LITHOCON Silicon Storage Tube 1M-5000-HS

LITHOCON Silicon Storage Tube 1M-5000-HS


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