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SYLVANIA PM8 RF Power Measurement Lamp
Lampe de mesure de puissance RF
Lampe für RF-Leistungsmesser

The PM8 is one of a series of Sylvania power measurement lamps (PM3 through PM8), used for measuring RF power in watts in HF systems up to 100 MHz. They cover a range of from 10 watts to 50 milliwatts. Under certain conditions, this range may be extended to 25 watts.

They came out in October 1943.

Essentially, the lamp consists of two identical filaments, one of which may be employed as a load on the equipment being tested, while the other side is lighted from a known source of power. When the brilliance of the two filaments is the same, the RF power into one filament is essentially the same as the DC power in the other filament, thus affording a means of measuring RF power.

A. C. Matthews, Radio-Frequency Power Measurements, RADIO, September, 1944.


SYLVANIA PM8 RF Power Measurement Lamp

Hauteur • Height • Höhe : 69 mm • 2" 3/4
Diamètre • Diameter • Durchmesser : 29 mm • 1" 1/8

SYLVANIA PM8 RF Power Measurement Lamp

SYLVANIA PM8 RF Power Measurement Lamp


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