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4W Germicidal UV Lamp
Lampe germicide

This lamp was removed from a Perkin Elmer Coleman analytical instrument.

The lamp looks like an incandescent bulb, but it contains droplets of mercury. The filament is roughly V-shaped, with one support at the tip. It needs a current-limited (or high resistance) power supply that delivers about .33 to .4 A to the bulb with about 10.5-12 V across the bulb.

An arc forms across the ends of the filament. The arc is rather diffuse and has the characteristic light blue color of low pressure mercury vapor. An inert gas, probably argon, is also present to adjust the electrical characteristics. The arc emits substantial amounts of the 253.7 nanometer shortwave UV line of mercury, which is harmful to living cells such as bacteria and the cells in the conjunctiva of human eyes.

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4W Germicidal UV Lamp

Hauteur • Height • Höhe : 56 mm • 2" 1/4
Diamètre • Diameter • Durchmesser : 35 mm • 1" 3/8

4W Germicidal UV Lamp

4W Germicidal UV Lamp


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