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Лампа газоразрядная ЛУФ-4
LUF-4 Mercury Luminescent UV Lamp
Lampe luminescente UV au mercure
Quecksilber Lumineszenz UV Lampe

Also known as UFO-4 (УФО-4).

These lamps were used for UV illumination of instrument panels in aviation (for luminescence of inscriptions made with UV-ink), but they have many other applications in laboratory and scientific research (detection of subtle traces of various substances), counterfeit currency detectors, flame control devices, manufacture of printed circuit boards, etc.

They have an interesting construction. A bimetallic plate is installed between the annular anode and the spiral cathode, which closes them and provides heating of the cathode upon power supply. Afterwards, the bimetallic plate opens and a stable discharge is ignited between the electrodes. In this case, the current must be limited by a fixed resistor of 30 ohms and a variable resistor of 95 ohms, which is initially set to the maximum, and reduced after the lamp is ignited, in order to limit the current to 0.35 A.

LUF-4 Mercury Luminescent UV Lamp

1. oxide cathode • 2. ring anode • 3. bimetallic igniter plate

On the inner surface of the bulb, a phosphor layer is deposited which, when excited by short-wavelength ultraviolet mercury radiation (185 and 254 nm), emits a bell-shaped band with a maximum at a wavelength of 365 nm.

Power supply voltage: 28 .. 30 V
Rated lamp voltage: 11 V
Current: 350 mA
Power: 4 W
Luminous flux: 10 lm
Average operating time: 300 hours
Base type: BAY15d

Fiche technique • Data sheet • Datenblatt: LUF-4.pdf


LUF-4 Mercury Luminescent UV Lamp

Hauteur • Height • Höhe : 61 mm • 2" 3/8
Diamètre • Diameter • Durchmesser : 38 mm • 1" 1/2

LUF-4 Mercury Luminescent UV Lamp


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