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Cylindrical Excimer Lamp (or Excilamp)
Lampe à excimère

This lamp was found in a Philips closed-down laboratory in Eindhoven (Netherlands).

It is probably an experimental lamp.

An excimer lamp is a source of quasimonochromatic ultraviolet light, based on the formation of excited dimers (excimers), which spontaneously transiting from the excited state to the ground state result in the emission of UV-photons.
See Excimer lamp on Wikipedia.


Excimer Lamp (or Excilamp)

Longueur • Length • Länge : 217 mm • 8" 1/2
Diamètre • Diameter • Durchmesser : 35 mm • 1" 3/8

Excimer Lamp (or Excilamp)

Excimer Lamp (or Excilamp)

Cylindrical Excimer Lamp


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