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Experimental tubes - Mendenhall collection
Tubes expérimentaux - Collection Mendenhall
Versuchsröhren - Mendenhall Sammlung

Hallam Evans Mendenhall joined the BTL's Research Department in 1928, and retired after a 36-year Bell System career. During the first 22 years, he specialized in research and development of all types of vacuum tubes. During the war, he worked with WECo on the manufacture of electron tubes and then returned to the Bell Labs' Research Dept. During his career he was granted 13 patents on vacuum tube devices and processes, and he was the author of several technical papers on those subjects.

The tubes presented in this section are experimental tubes that were part of Mendenhall's collection. We don't know the nature of the tests for which they were intended.
Any assistance would be appreciated.

Les tubes présentés dans cette rubrique sont des tubes expérimentaux qui faisaient partie de la collection rassemblée par M. Mendenhall. Nous ignorons la nature des essais auxquels ils étaient destinés.
Toute aide à ce sujet serait appréciée.

Die Röhren in diesem Abschnitt sind Versuchsröhren, die ein Teil von Mendenhalls Sammlung waren. Der Zweck dieser Versuchsröhren ist uns nicht bekannt.
Jede Hilfe wäre willkommen.

H. E. Mendenhall



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