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15 kW xenon arc lamp for IMAX projection system
IMAX-Kino Projektionslampe (Xenon Kurzbogenlampe)
Lampe au xénon à arc court pour projecteur IMAX

One of the greatest attractions of the Auto & Technik Museum in Sinsheim (Germany) is the IMAX 3D film theater which shows realistic three-dimensional movies on a 22 x 27 m large screen.

To produce an image bright enough to light up the giant IMAX screens, the projectors use special xenon bulbs that consume up to 15,000 watts of power. Because of the very high power levels involved, these lamps are water-cooled.

The average luminance of these xenon lamps is approximately 1.6 billion candles per square yard -- about equal to that of the Sun as viewed from the Earth's surface! The lamp has a light output of approximately 600,000 lumens.

The curator of the Sinsheim Museum asked that two of these lamps (used) were mounted on a metal base; one is exposed in Sinsheim, the other is now in my collection.

  15,000W Water Cooled Xenon Short Arc Lamp

15,000W Water Cooled Xenon Short Arc Lamp

End-view showing the liquid-cooling ports:

15,000W Water Cooled Xenon Short Arc Lamp

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