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My collection consists of more than 4,000 lamps and vacuum tubes. This is a wide area! In addition to well known incandescent lamps, radio tubes and cathode ray tubes, it includes, among others: arc lamps, light sources for the laboratory, transmitting tubes, camera tubes, flash lamps, microwave tubes, photocells, photomultipliers, radiation detectors, rectifiers, relays, thyratrons, vacuum gauges, X-ray tubes...

Although I also collect little radio or TV receiving tubes, I am particularly interested in odd and unusual tubes and lamps -- big glass tubes, prototypes, experimental types, and the like.

Visits are possible (max. 2 persons) by appointment. Please contact me at the address below.

Donations are of course always welcome!

3,508 vacuum tubes and lamps are currently displayed on this website, with 1,238 datasheets.

No sale of tubes.

Giorgio Basile
Nivelles (Belgium)

contact : giorgio (at)

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RCA SB-256 SELECTRON Storage Tube


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