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EN  The Museum of Electric Lamp Technology

J.D. Hooker's website traces the development of the materials, science and technology behind electric light sources from their earliest beginnings right up to the present day. It contains a great number of illustrations of historic lamps, together with in-depth technical details.


Stanislav Slabyhoudek is a collector of light sources, vacuum products, leaflets, catalogs, patent papers, plants stories, and all other information around the light. His collection contains almost 11,000 different lamps: this is probably the most complete collection in the world!

EN  Kilokat's Antique Light Bulb Site

Tim Tromp's website purpose is to share over 600 pictures of items from his personal collection. Such items include antique light bulbs, early radio tubes and box art, Geissler and Crookes discharge tubes, X-ray tubes, Aerolux figural neon glow lights, vintage Christmas lights and more. Available for download are old lighting catalogs, early historical books on lighting, and a vast assortment of other paper items. It offers also a discussion board to allow fellow collectors and historians to network with others and post classified ads.

DE  Lampenmuseum

This website presents the collection of Rigo Richter: more than 1,100 pictures of discharge lamps, arc lamps, spectral lamps, and much more.

DE  Stefan's Lichtparade

Stefan Eichhorn's private collection of incandescent lamps, discharge lamps and flash lamps, with many pictures and technical details. Also many catalogs available for download.

EN  The Colin Grimes Collection

This website focuses on the personal collection of electric lamps and lighting equipment Colin Grimes has collected over the years. The collection ranges from domestic light bulbs to specialized lamps, including airport runway lamps and ex military lamps and lights.

EN  Don Klipstein's Web Site

A wealth of in-depth information about LEDs, Incandescent and Halogen Lamps, Fluorescent Lamps, Discharge Lamps, Short Arc Lamps, Xenon Lamps, Xenon Strobes, UV lamps, Odd and Unusual Lamps, High Voltage Stuff, Tesla Coils, Plasma Spheres, Jacobs Ladders, Carbon Arcs, Lasers, and much more!

EN  Dave's Flashbulb Collection

David L. Brittain collects flashbulbs. His site presents a list of known flashbulb models by brand, with links to photographs of many of the flashbulbs in his collection.

EN  Electric Light by Frank Andrews

This website is a record of a collection that Frank Andrews built up in the 1980's to research a book on the history of Electric Lighting. His area of interest was the developement of the bulb from an expensive luxury 1900-10, developments leading to the modern bulb 1900-1920, Refinement and social impact 1920 onwards.

EN  Museum of Electrical Lighting and Industrial History, Hungary

The goal of this private museum is to collect, restore and preserve the remnants of electric lighting technology and the history of the technical industry, especially from the 1950s to the 1990s. It exhibits about 3,000 lamps, light sources, vacuum technology and glass processing equipment, electrical and telecommunication devices. The website is mainly in Hungarian language, but Google Translate provides a great help!


EN  Virtual Valve Museum

The Virtual Valve Museum is the online presentation of Jeremy M. Harmer's personal collection. There are currently more than 2,670 valves in the collection, and 2,250 are on the website, with nice pictures and data.

EN  The National Valve Museum

Allan Wyatt's virtual museum presents more than 2,500 vacuum tubes of all types, illustrated with superb photographs and full technical details.


Norman Wilson's rich collection of tubes is conceived as a virtual museum that tube collectors could use for reference on the Internet. Mainly transmitting tubes, but other categories are present as well (early receiving tubes, rectifiers, thyratrons, klystrons, magnetrons, X-ray and special purpose tubes).

DE  EN  Röhren Sammlung - Tube Collection

A comprehensive overview of the fabulous collection of Udo Radtke: more than 10,000 vacuum tubes from the whole world, some very rare.

DE  EN  Röhrenmuseum - Tube museum

Pictures, data and facts about more than 2,400 tubes.

DE  Die Homepage von H.-T. Schmidt

A rich source of pictures and technical information about German vacuum tubes.

DE  Jogis Röhrenbude

Joachim Gittel's website is a gold mine of information on German vacuum tubes.

FR  Les lampes radio

French radio ham Claude Paillard builds from scratch vacuum tubes! Watch the absolutely mesmerizing 17 minutes video. Also on this website: Detailed history of the radio tubes, Construction of a transmitter using old lamps.

EN  Mike's Electric Stuff

Mike Harrison's website has a lot of interesting material about electric related stuff, like unusual vacuum tubes, nixies, dekatrons & counting tubes, Tesla coils and other high-voltage devices, lasers, and much, much more!

EN  Bill's Vintage Tube Site

Bill Condon's website presents early tube photos and articles.

DE  EN  FR  Radiomuseum

Photo galleries of the tube collections of Radiomuseum members.

EN  Tube Collectors Association - Tube Photo Gallery

Some interesting and/or unusual types.

EN  Wehrmacht Luftfahrtröhren Triodes

Pictures and data.

EN  Die Universität Innsbruck - Experimental Physics Museum

Gallery of electronic tubes.

RU  Red Star Radiosite

Pictures and data of various tubes, mainly Russian types.

JP  Emission Lab

Although most of the site is in Japanese, it has many interesting pictures of Western Electric Transmitting & Receiving Tubes and other World Vacuum Tubes.

JP  Museum on Historical Articles - Japanese Vacuum Tubes

Although in Japanese, this website presents many pictures and data about Japanese tubes. Google Translate provides a great help!


DE  EN  FR  Frag´ Jan Zuerst --- Ask Jan First GmbH & Co. KG

Jan Philipp Wüsten offers a large number of vacuum tubes of all types, including some unusual, as well as technical books, old radios, measuring equipment, accessories and spare parts... PayPal, VISA and Mastercard credit cards, bank transfer and bank check are accepted. A very serious salesman.

EN  TubesValves, relics of the Tube Valve era

Tony and MJ are collectors, admirers and suppliers of many fine vacuum Tubes/Valves and related products from around the world.
Various Brands, ie: RCA, GE, Telefunken, Sylvania, Amperex, Philips, Tung-Sol, Mullard and many many more.
Audio, Guitar Amplifier, Radio, TV and Scientific Experimental vacuum tubes are often listed as well as other various tube era relics like radios, tube testers etc. as they become available.


EN  The RCA Selectron: A 1940s vacuum tube digital memory

Charles S. Osborne has gathered all available information on the RCA Selectron, a Selective Electrostatic Storage Tube, and also hard-to-find data on vintage computers and [Direct View] Storage Tubes.


EN  Tube Data Sheet Locator

A fabulous Web resource for finding data on 17,000 vacuum tubes and more than 22,800 substitutes.

EN  Frank's Electron tube Pages

Frank Philipse's website gathers more than 10,000 PDF datasheets. It provides also information about tube bases, tube number systems, and other tube related subjects.

EN  Roy J. Tellason's Vacuum Tubes charts and datasheets

A comprehensive directory of datasheets, some hard-to-find.

EN  Virtual Valve Museum - CV Register of Electronic Valves

CV Register of Electronic Valves (including semiconductor devices) 1963, Amendment 14 (May 1971).

EN  Pete Millett's DIY Audio pages

Scanned vintage books, manuals, catalogs, papers...

EN  DF6NA Tube Data-Sheets

Russian and Microwave Tubes datasheets.

EN  Radau5's Vacuum Tube Site

Basics of data tubes, datasheets, circuits.

EN  4tubes

Here you'll find 300B and other tube schematics, drawings, pictures, datasheets, and just anything a tube freak needs!

EN  Russian Tubes LLC

The website of this Russian company contains many datasheets about Backward wave tubes, Gas stabilizers, Gas discharge devices, Generator and modulator tubes, Klystrons, Magnetrons, Noise generators, Receive amplify tubes, Spark gaps, Travelling wave tubes and CRTs.


This company specializes in trading Russian vacuum tubes used in broadcasting, amateur radio, Hi-Fi audio, meteorology, communication, medical applications and industry. The website shows data for many Russian tubes.

EN  RU  Klausmobile Russian Tube Directory

Over 200 original datasheets are scanned mostly from the 1966 Electron Devices Reference (in Russian) and saved as .GIF graphics at minimum readable resolution.

EN  Russian/Soviet tube factories and their logos

This table is courtesy of Eric Barbour and will be extremely useful for identifying Russian tubes.

FR  LEXILOGOS - Clavier cyrillique

Enter Cyrillic characters using this virtual keyboard, then copy/paste them into your favorite search engine.


PL  Museum of Opole University of Technology and X-ray tubes

Professor Grzegorz Jezierski's collection is undoubtedly the most comprehensive in the world! Vintage X-Ray tubes made of glass and ceramic, modern ones for industrial radiography, dental/medical, diffraction type, fluorescence type, microfocus X-ray tubes, miniature X-ray tubes...

EN  Antique X-Ray Tubes and Accessories

Dr. Zahi Hakim's superb collection of antique X-ray tubes and accessories used in the Art of Radiology.

EN  DE  DE  ES  X-ray optics

This website explains how to generate and detect X-rays and illustrates some aspects of X-ray physics. There is a wide range of X-ray optical devices.

EN  FR  NL  Belgian Museum of Radiology

The museum is setup in the waiting rooms of the military hospital department of medical imaging. The website presents a gallery of some of the 1,500 exhibits shown in the museum.


EN  UK Microwave Group - Microwave Museum

This richly illustrated website presents: Amplifiers, Detectors, Dishes, Early Microwave Use, Feeds, Gunn Oscillators, Heil Tubes, Horns, JVL Mixers, Klystrons, Low Noise Oscillators, Planar Triodes, Transceivers, Traveling Wave Tubes, Wavemeters.

EN  DF6NA - Photogalerie of Tubes TWT

Numerous pictures of traveling-wave tubes and TWT amplifiers.


DE  EN  Dieter's Nixie World

Dieter Wächter has gathered in these pages a very large collection of pictures and informations about Nixie and other display and counting tubes.

DE  EN  Nixie-Sammlung

Jens Boos shows his nice collection of Nixie tubes, with many pictures and technical information.

EN  Decode Systems

Dan Veeneman's website has an interesting section about Nixie Tubes, Numitron Readouts, Cathode Ray Tubes, Neon Glow Lamps and old LED Displays.

EN  The Vintage Technology Association

The VTA is an electronics research and development group which specializes in the study, preservation and implementation of obsolete military and industrial technology. Decimal counting tubes are their specialty: dekatrons and magnetic beam switching tubes.


IT  VideoCurioso - Storia e curiosità del VIDEO

Photo gallery of ancient cameras and camera tubes (iconoscopes, orthicons).


EN  The Cathode Ray Tube site

A lot of interesting pictures from a part of Henk Dijkstra's tube collection: CRTs, camera tubes and famous demonstration tubes like the Crookes Maltese Cross tube. Also Röntgen (X-Ray), Geissler tubes and Ruhmkorff coils are part of this website.

DE  EN  Das Virtuelle Oszilloskopmuseum - The Virtual Oszimuseum

A collection of CRTs, mostly of Russian and German origin.

EN  Oscilloscope Selection Guide and List with Data Sheets

The objective of this site is to give consumers of laser lab products as much information as possible, and a platform where freedom of choice is possible. To that end, they have selection guides for all sorts of products!

EN  Wiki for the community of Tektronix oscilloscope enthusiasts

The purpose of this site is to help people get information about classic Tektronix equipment.


EN  Oak Ridge Associated Universities - Geiger-Mueller (GM) Tubes

Historical Instrumentation Collection.

EN  Oak Ridge Associated Universities - Proportional Counters and Neutron Detectors

Many pictures and technical information.


DE  Technik-Museum.ch

A large gallery of Crookes, Geissler and Röntgen tubes, and also some commercial vacuum tubes.


EN  Sam's Laser FAQ

Samuel M. Goldwasser's Practical Guide to Lasers for Experimenters and Hobbyists, including in-depth details about safety, info, links, parts, types, drive, construction, and much more.

EN  Laser Equipment Gallery

Photos of Various Laser Systems, Power Supplies, and Components. This gallery is a collection of pages associated with Sam's Laser FAQ which provides thumbnails and links to full size photos of a variety of specific pieces of laser equipment including interior and exterior views and closeups.


DE  Quecksilberdampfgleichrichter - Ein virtuelles Museum

Ralf Jaeckel's website gives an insight into the history, operation and execution of the large mercury arc rectifiers.


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