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Le Tube à cent cellules  link
This incredibly complex 100 pixels resolution camera tube was built in 1936 by the French Compagnie des Compteurs with the aim of competing with the Zworykin's iconoscope. Only one tube was built, and it has never been tested.

Photos dated 1961-62-63. 3 experimental tubes built during the development of a “Talaria Tape Tube”.

Les redresseurs à vapeur de mercure HEWITTIC  link
A brochure published in September, 1934 by HEWITTIC S.A., 11 Rue du Pont, Suresnes (France).

Compagnie des Lampes - MAZDA Série A  link
Series A1. An homogeneous series of transmitting tubes, from 6 to 4,000 W.

COMPAGNIE DES LAMPES “MÉTAL” • Paris ~ 41, Rue La Boëtie  link
Catalogue T.S.F. Émission et Kenotrons • Février 1927

DGL PRESSLER Catalogue  link
Photocells, Glowlamps, Smoothing Tubes, Corona Regulator, Cold Cathode Rectifiers & Thyratrons, Flash Tubes.

V. J. Francis and H. G. Jenkins - Electric Discharge Lamps  link
A Technical Account of “Osira” Lamps and “Osram” Fluorescent Tubes and their Operating Equipment, Manufactured by The General Electric Co. Ltd • July, 1941

The Resnatron  link
The resnatron was a high-power demountable, water-cooled, tetrode cavity resonator capable of delivering up to 60 kw of power at frequencies from 340 to 625 MHz. It was used during World War II to jam enemy radar.

SYLVANIA - The WAMOSCOPE, a new Microwave Display Device  link
Brochure: The Wamoscope (wave-modulated oscilloscope).


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