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HANOVIA 30 kW Water Cooled Xenon Arc Lamp L5030.900
Lampe au xénon à arc court à refroidissement par eau 30 kW
Wassergekühlte Xenon Kurzbogenlampe 30 kW

The arc color is very close to daylight (5800K). The spectrum is continuous in the visible range and extends far into the ultraviolet. The Xenon lamps also exhibits strong lines in the near infrared between 800 and 1000 nm.

These lamps have proven to be an excellent radiation source for searchlights, solar simulators, and other applications where a precise distribution of high intensity visible or infrared radiation is required.

Solar simulators are used, for example, to heat artificial satellites and their component parts in the vacuum for the purpose of environmental testing. Such applications have expanded to the field of space research.


HANOVIA 30 KW Xenon Arc Lamp L5030.900
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Longueur • Length • Länge : 47 cm • 18" 1/2
Diamètre • Diameter • Durchmesser : 11,5 cm • 4" 1/2

HANOVIA 30 KW Xenon Arc Lamp L5030.900

HANOVIA 30 KW Xenon Arc Lamp L5030.900

HANOVIA 30 KW Xenon Arc Lamp L5030.900

The lamp in its protective case


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