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CV6099 VX8515 Infrared Image Converter Tube
Tube intensificateur d'image infra-rouge

Developed in the late 1950s, these tubes were used in various pocketscopes, binoculars, tank periscopes etc., for example the armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) L1A1 and the night-vision binoculars Mk 1. The luminous gain is approximately 1, so a source of infrared light was needed if they were being used at night.

• Max peak instantaneous fluorescent screen voltage: 13 kV
• Max continuous fluorescent screen voltage: 12.5 kV
• Min fluorescent screen voltage: 8 kV
• Max photocathode current (continuous): 0.1 μA
• Max photocathode illumination (continuous): 10 i.r.f lux

Characteristics (at ambient temp of 20°C with 12 kV screen voltage):
• Peak spectral response: 8000 ± 1000 angstroms
• Min conversion coefficient: 0.55 cd/lm
• Magnification at centre: 0.74
• Min resolution at centre of photocathode: 50 line pairs/mm
• Min resolution off axix of photocathode: 12 line pairs/mm
• Max background equivalent illumination: 0.025 i.f.r. lux
• Max dark current: 0.02 μA

Thanks to Michel Wiams (HALFIN) who donated this tube.


CV6099 VX8515 Infrared Image Converter Tube

Hauteur • Height • Höhe : 58 mm • 2" 1/4
Diamètre • Diameter • Durchmesser : 34 mm • 1" 3/8

The colour is a protective varnish on the glass which has yellowed over the years.

CV6099 VX8515 Infrared Image Converter Tube

CV6099 VX8515 Infrared Image Converter Tube


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