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COMMODORE US*14 Electronic Business Calculator
Calculatrice de bureau électronique
Elektronischer Tischrechner

Introduced in 1972.

The price was $159.99.

14-digit entry.

Sperry Panaplex planar gas-discharge display modules (one 3-digit and six 2-digit). The right-most digit is used as a status indicator (negative number, memory register access, overflow or error condition).

Standard 4 math functions, plus a percent calculation.
Single memory accumulator.

Operation in fixed or floating decimal, as selected by a thumb-wheel selector at the left of the keyboard panel. Fixed decimal point operation can be selected by dialing in zero through seven digits behind the decimal point on a thumb-wheel switch located to the left of the keyboard. The “F” thumb-wheel setting is for floating decimal operation.

Round-off mode selected by a switch located next to the decimal mode thumb-wheel. Three different settings are available: force up, 5-up/4-down rounding, and force down (truncate) mode.

Keyboard keys:
• [M+] and [M-] to add/subtract the content of the display from the memory accumulator.
• [RM] to recall the content of the memory register to the display.
• [CM] to clear the memory register.
• [Σ] push-on/push-off key to allow the results of multiplications or divisions to automatically be accumulated in the memory register.
• [K] push-on/push-off switch for constant calculations (in multiplication and division operations only).
• [C] to clear all, to extinguish the error indication.
• [CE] to clear the display after input errors.
• [EX] key to exchange the order of operands for multiplication and division operations.


COMMODORE US*14 Electronic Business Calculator
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285 x 200 x 80 mm • 11"1/4 x 7"7/8 x 3"1/8

COMMODORE US*14 Electronic Business Calculator

COMMODORE US*14 Electronic Business Calculator

COMMODORE US*14 Electronic Business Calculator


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